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Im-Muna Honey Lemon Flavor (Vitural Brand) 15 Sachets/Box

We combed through data to identify five types of extracts that have been shown to help the body's immune system. as well as lowering the risk of developing a disease Kaempferia extract, or COVID-19. Ginger extract, vitamin C, and the extracts beta-glucan and elderberry are all quite popular in America. that aid in the prevention of respiratory disease We designed it with a honey lemon flavor to make it easier to consume. Simply combine it with warm water. Alternatively, 200 mL of ordinary drinking water This will aid in the strengthening of our health's defenses.
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Quick Details

Brand: วิตเชอรัล (Vitural)


Vitural Immu-na Hony Lemon

The supplement is in a powder form which is to be taken orally.  The  x2 boosting formula helps to increase the immunity of the respiratory system and enhance the body's functions. With only 1 sachet per day in the morning, you are now ready to leave home with a protective shield against germs.
Directions for use: 1 sachet per day in the morning.

  • Krachai extract (finger root extract) derived from in vitro studies. Pinostobin and pandurathin A, which are found in Kaempferia, can prevent the growth of the coviral-19 virus. symptoms of a cold dizziness
  • Ginger extract (ginger extract) aids in body warming. Additionally, sweating aids in the prevention of cancer cell proliferation. Aids in the smoothing of the skin It's high in antioxidants and can assist with headaches and migraines.

How to use: 1 sachet each day, in the morning, dissolve in room temperature water or 120-150 ml warm water, swirl to dissolve, and serve.