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M-Six (Vitural Brand) 10 Caps/Box

M-SIX contains ingredients that assist nourish the male body in all aspects. Both contain extracts of ginseng, black galingale, oysters, and a vitamin B complex that aids in the regulation of male hormones. Assist the body's muscles and metabolism in working more efficiently. It enables you to fully express your manhood.
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Retail Price ฿750.00 Price ฿175.00 - ฿300.00 / Box(es)
3000 Box(es) available
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1 - 9 ฿300.00 1 Days
10 - 24 ฿250.00 1 Days
25 - 49 ฿200.00 2 Days
>=50 ฿175.00 3 Days
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Quick Details

Brand: วิตเชอรัล (Vitural)


M-Six Dietary Supplement Product (Vitural Brand)

Capsules packed with extracts that are essential for male nourishments and increase efficiency in various aspects, especially for men who wish to live their lives to the fullest and be content in every activity.

Directions for use: 1 tablet a day before bedtime.

key ingredients

  • Chronic tiredness syndrome is alleviated by Peruvian ginseng. increases energy
  • Oyster Extract improves sexual function by increasing blood circulation. skin that sparkles
  • Zinc lowers acne and promotes regular prostate function. With the development of reproductive organs
  • Vitamin B Complex is beneficial to the neurological system.
  • Male hormones are nourished by black galingale. Stimulates the nerves, refreshes the body, and reduces the aging process.
  • Taurine is a nutrient that supports the neurological system and muscles. Muscles are able to work harder, longer, and more safely as a result of this supplement.
  • L-Arginine aids in the burning of stored fat in the body. muscles that are toned weight management
  • L-Ornithine stimulates muscles, providing them with additional energy while they exercise. Toxins should be removed from the liver.