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Spartan Treasure Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

Spartan Treasure Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from the prime variety "Koroneiki"

Harvest : December - February

sort by olives cultivated at mountainous Sparta on the sunny mountain slopes. The most natural olive oil category with great aromas and taste. It has a strong fruity taste and aroma of freshly cut olive fruit.

The Extra Virgin Olive oil has unique flavors, aromas, nutrients and biological elements that make it an excellent and irreplaceable food. Modern methods of cultivation and techniques complete traditional knowledge and upgrade the local olives. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has excellent characteristics without the use of chemicals or preservatives


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Quick Details

Brand: Spartan Treasure Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L


Nutrition Declaration ( 100ml )

Enegy/Energie               824Kcal/3389KJ    41%

Fat/Fett                                           91.6g   131%                                                                                                                    of Which/davon

Saturated/gesattigte Fettsauren     14.5g   79%

Monounsaturated                            70.9g                                                                                                                            /einfach ungesattigte Fettsauren

Polyunsalurated                                6.2g                                                                                                                              /mehrfach ungesattigte Fettsauren

Trans-fat/Trans-Fettsauren                  0g

Carbohydrates/Kohlenhydrate          0.0g     0%                                                                                                                  of Which/davon 

Sugars/Zucker                                  0.0g     0%

Proteins                                            0.0g     0%

Salt/Salz                                           0.0g     0%