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PhenixBox – B2B Marketplace | ฟินิกซ์ออนไลน์ ถูก มั่นใจ ส่งไกลทั่วโลก

  • Help customers to get products in quantity that they want with lower price
  • Open the group and make a payment, then wait for other customers to join until meet quantity required by sellers within 72 hours
  • When reach the required quantity and all payment complete, sellers will deliver products immediately

**If the quantity doesn’t reach the requirement, buyers will get refund from sellers in full amount**

  • Sellers can create their own e-catalog and allowing customer to easily browse products simply by scanning for immediate details.
  • Cost saving
  • Easy for buyers to select products and Fast-forwarding to others with Archive in my favorite function
  • Get to know seller in just one click
  • All sellers in PhenixBox are qualified and creditable
  • Full seller information are provided to assure buyers
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